Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Gift From Me! Downloads: Meditations & Mantras

Hey everyone! I've been getting many requests to do some recordings of the meditations and mantras I use to assist in the healing, release, and growth process. So I spent some time yesterday recording a few of my favorites. These are not professional recordings by any means but the love intention is definitely there! More are sure to come.

Just click on the following links. Please enjoy and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Healing Heart Meditation
This is a perfect practice meditation to release any negative energy blocks or walls built around our heart. This meditation can be done every morning, night, or as needed. This is an excellent meditation exercise for opening the heart chakra, releasing that which does not serve you, and allowing more love to flow into your life. We have all have hurtful memories. This meditation will help you to begin to release those memories, heart scars, or belief systems that no longer support you.

Everyday Mantras
Ah this is great! I created this set of mantras as a reminder that one's perception and intention is the structure of manifestation. When you listen to these mantas take a moment to recite them out loud or internally, allowing the words to resinate with you. If in the beginning the affirmations are not true, then keep going with it! Eventually in your practice you will notice that the statements are starting to take shape in your life and become your reality. It's a daily practice, remember that. You are simply working to change your current belief patterns into new patterns that fully support your healing, release, and growth.

Morning Mantra
Not only do I use this mantra with my client's regularly but I was actually the first to try this one out. In all honesty I practice all of my mantas and meditations on myself first before recommending them. The Morning Mantra was a part of my morning ritual for 90 days. I placed this mantra on the back of my apartment door and recited it out loud each morning while sipping on warm tea. Since I am comforted by warm liquids like teas and soups, I thought to make the most supportive, nurturing scenario for generating love energy as I recite my mantras. Cozy and comforted for 90 days I read aloud my Morning Mantras and interesting changes started happening along the way. Of course there were the more obvious things like improved posture and an increased amount of the dessert rose color in my wardrobe (yeah it's my new favorite color--in the past I never wore pink!). However I started realizing as I went through the Morning Mantra that the affirmations I was reciting were now true! Such as, "My life IS precious to me and therefore I am selective as to how I spend my time, who I spend my time with, and WHERE I place my energy." I began to make important those people that were doing the same for me. I also became super selective of the food in my diet and eventually became 95% raw vegan, I still save a little spot for some Indian food now and then! Delicious! More importantly, I began to greet everyday with optimism for new opportunities, meeting new people, and learning about myself. Ahhhhh yeah---that's one of the affirmations in the Morning Mantras!

So enjoy these modest gifts from my heart. I send you April showers of LOVE, that will soon blossom into to May and the beautiful flowers of possibility.

Much love, c

Friday, April 20, 2012

Everything Has Beauty...

Found this image on the Stone Fox Bride blog. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes, "If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change."

Yes. Absolutely. 100% satisfaction. Lifetime guarantee.

Your assignment for today is to open your heart and your eyes to beauty. Happy friday loves!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beautiful Food!!!

Baked falafel wrapped in romaine leaves

As some of you may know I have a passion for making raw vegan and just straight up vegan food at home. I find it an incredibly rewarding act of creative expression as well as a chance to make something bursting with love energy. Yes it's true that the simple act of making a a meal for you or your loved ones carries with it your intention, in the form of vibrational energy.

Sound a little over the top? Well think about it like this, everything we do or create is an extension of our beings, our soul, or our aura. Each thought, word, or movement projects our intention.

Power salad! I luves me some avocados!
An example unrelated to food is emailing or texting. Have you ever sent a text when you're upset or disappointed and word it so perfectly as not to express your irritation but somehow the person on the receiving end could just sense and then respond in a way that lets you know your actual intention was received? That's what I'm talking about! I often tell my clients before beginning any project just get your intention in check. Don't rush through important things because that energy goes right into whatever you're working on and the result it's never as good. You're just not in-synch with the flow--you're too busy rushing through things. So take a minute to yourself to breathe and then begin.

Pretty groceries and I LOVE this floor!
Taken in the St. Mark's Market in the East Village, NYC
Now back to pretty food. So hopefully at this point the whole "made with love" thing is clicking with you. Ahhhh okay grandmas house, family dinners, yummy treats--get the idea? So when I'm at home making a meal I get super nerdy about it. I love trying new ingredients, the latest super food, or some exotic spice or legume. I seriously get giddy knowing that each bite is packed full of nutrients and my body is enjoying every bit of it! Last night it was mung beans that resulted in a beautiful Indian Dal. Surprisingly I didn't take a picture of that! Yes, I'm shocked because I almost always document my meals. Instead I will share with you a few of my favorites from the last year.

So enjoy the pics! Please email me at if you would like some recipes or find out more on changing to a vegan/raw vegan diet. Lastly, make your food with lots, and lots, and lots of love.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All in due time. Breathe in. All in due time. Breathe out. Now smile :)

So as some of you may know I'm doing a hot yoga 30 day challenge at Yoga to the People here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I'm learning so many great things about myself and being faced with life changing revelations in my daily practice. "Practice" that's an awesome word and we are reminded everyday by our gracious teacher that this is indeed a practice not a perfect. Each day our bodies and our minds function differently. Leave the judgement behind and open up to compassion for ourselves. I love this--it really resonates with me.

Learning to love myself--even my crazy hair!
It's an hour and half in a 105 degree room. I started off the first few days in a t-shirt and shorts and soon got over that--now small bike shorts and bra top. Seeing my body in front of a mirror wearing as little as possible everyday has connected me with my physical self. To be honest I never really looked at my body for more that a few minutes a day after my shower and then clothes were on as soon as possible. In the first few days of my practice I was critical of my physical self. I seemed to notice my belly fat or that my thighs we too thick. Me! I thought I had such a good body image! Compared to a few years ago well yes, but life has this fantastic way of presenting you with the changes and growth you need to move you along your path. So as the days went by and the more classes I attended I started to recite this mantra, "All in due time." I felt that my body and mind would improve as I desired if I only opened myself up to release all those things blocking me, things I thought were there to protect me. Judgement toward myself was a tool I used to be perfect. Well try anyway. If I had perfect skin, perfect hair, the perfect wardrobe, etc. then I would be loved. This is rooted back in my childhood fears of abandonment and feeling as if I wasn't good enough. Wow!!! All those old programs I shoved deep down in the basement were showing their face in this daily practice! Rather than push it away I kept telling myself to bring it on, show me the changes I must make in my life to bring me further down my path, to heal, and open my heart.

Today I celebrated my 22nd day of hot yoga in a row and I think I'm going to keep going! No alcohol, eating only raw foods, and spending time making loving choices just for Me--this was my plan for the 30 day challenge. How am I feeling? Well at first I admit, I was very tired as it was a lot of work for me and I never made that sort of commitment to myself but after the first 2 weeks I really noticed my strength had increased and my emotions were totally under control. I didn't even get PMS--awesome! I love myself, my time, my energy, and my body.

All in due time. Breathe in. All in due time. Breathe out. Now smile. I am walking down a lovely path full of blooming opportunities and so much self love.

I leave you with a quote I heard in yoga class a couple days ago. This was just what I needed:

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."

Thank you Rumi.