Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Morning Mantras

I had the most incredible session with a client yesterday!!! (So incredible that the previous sentence would require 3 exclamation points--hehe.) Through that shared moment, she finally realized the power of her own thoughts. I was immediately reminded of the first time that concept really hit me and the WOW that came with it. Suddenly all those stories I believed about myself not being good enough seemed like excuses. It was as if that very moment I knew that I was capable of so much more than I ever imagined; all the limitations people placed on me and I on myself were no longer valid. It was in that moment thought, "What exactly am I capable of?" Of course my response was, "Well what do you want?" A smile appeared on my face as I suddenly felt like a kid again with the whole world waiting at my doorstep. Ahhh the possibilities!

The words and ideas you allow into your life are the "truths" your mind will believe---regardless of whether they are positive or negative---your mind, or better yet the ego, with attach its self to either one. It doesn't know the difference between good and bad.

With that, let me ask you to take notice of the truths you live with and just sit with that assessment for a while. Notice the limitations you feel. Where did that perception come from? Continue to sit with your feelings and thoughts about these so-called truths. Now step back from them, as if you are watching them off in the distance. See them moving away from you a little further. How do you feel now? You're still here but those truths aren't.

Now I would like for you to imagine for one moment, what it would look like if you were to suddenly decide you're going to shift your attention, your focus, your energy to forming new truths about yourself. This time the attention, focus, energy is on forming POSITIVE and ENCOURAGING truths. What would your new truths be? What do you want? It's not hard by any means to change your perception or your truths but there's a lot of old programming in there, telling you it's got to be harder.

This is where mantras come in. Think of it as foreign language class. Remember all that repetition, using the new language daily, memorization, learning about a new culture, and pretending to be in a cafe ordering a coffee? The practice of using mantras is a lot like that.

First, you begin with the REPETITION & USE OF NEW LANGUAGE: repeat the mantras daily for one month to see a change in perception, use them for 90 days to really see the changes in your thoughts, decision making, and ideas come to fruition. MEMORIZE: these are the tools you carry in your mental toolbox to aid you in a tough spot, like "I am graceful and move with thought" when you're in a crowded situation that makes you feel cramped.  Next, LEARN ABOUT A NEW CULTURE---YOU: Who are you really? What do you really want? What did you previously believe you were incapable of but now you're thinking you want to give it a shot. Why not? Life is about learning so why not learn about you and all the things you want to try out. I'm particularly fond of all these coupon emails like Zozi or Groupon---perfect for trying new things at a price that really promotes exploration. Lastly and so importantly, PRETEND: When you're reciting your mantas really feel it, pay attention to the words and the meaning each one holds in your life. Is there an area that could use more attention? Are you getting stronger in another part of the mantra? Wherever you see space for growth in the mantra, pretend you already have success there. See what exactly that success looks like in your life right now, not in the future. How can you apply that success today?

In closing I will leave you with my Morning Mantra. Every morning I read this out loud with my cup of tea. The photo you see above is of the back of my door where I place some of the many encouraging notes to myself as well as the printed out version of the Morning Mantra you see below. I'm almost at my 90 day point and I'm already seeing the changes in my whole perception of "me" and my life. I find that everyday I'm walking taller, moving with grace, feeling beautiful, and all around improving in every way.

Here's to you :)

To be read each morning and through the day as needed.

I am beautiful, brilliant, and balanced. I make time to care for my body, mind, and spirit daily.

Through time and influences, I allowed myself to believe distorted perceptions of myself, my abilities, and the world around me. I now know that I am a natural and unique beauty. My beauty radiates from the inside out. I bring into my life amazing people and opportunities. People are often drawn to me because of my positive energy and how it makes them feel.

My life is precious to me and therefore I am selective as to how I spend my time, who I spend my time with, and where I place my energy.

I know that I must first honor my dreams, my health, and myself so that I may positively affect the lives of others. I always come first and I am my highest priority.  

I understand that regardless of how I valued myself in the past, I now have every opportunity to learn from those experiences. It is in learning from those experiences that I am presented with lessons that enable me to grow and improve myself.

I am a strong woman in charge of my life emotionally, physically, mentally, and professionally.

I exude grace, elegance, intelligence, femininity, strength, and kindness.

I have excellent posture and I carry myself with high esteem. The beauty in me is revealed in my own physical beauty.

I take time to think about the way I present myself to the world and how it translates though my appearance. I know that I have my own personal style and THAT I am true to. I always follow my own style and not trends that don’t suit me. I am very thoughtful of my appearance because it is a reflection of my internal beauty and how I perceive myself.

I am graceful and move with thought. I stand tall and walk tall. I have a beautiful smile that radiates my inner glow.

I make special time everyday just for myself to exercise my mind and body. As a result, I have a body and mind that is healthy, beautiful, youthful, and strong.

I am selective towards the food I put in my body. I enjoy nutritious, healthy food that provides nourishment to my body and cells.

I greet everyday with optimism for new opportunities, personal growth, meeting new people, and learning about myself.

Today I dedicate to me and my personal improvement!