Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Look in the Mirror. What Do You See?

An exercise:

What does your self talk sound like? Is it negative or positive? Does it shift depending on your mood? Think about this for a moment, open up to the awareness, and be honest with yourself. 

If your self talk is full of love, congratulations! That's fantastic! Keep it up!

If it's not then this post is dedicated to you:

Armed with the realization of  how you speak to yourself, I want you to take another look in the mirror but this time look through the eyes of compassion and love. It might not be easy at first. You may have some heavy negative wiring going on in there but try. It all starts there and in the trying you start to change.

So, looking through your "new set of eyes" that have been replaced with compassion and love lenses, I'll ask again, what do you see?  

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