Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Healing Meditation

After some time with myself--alone---I realized I was holding a lot of anger inside from childhood. It was manifesting itself in me in the form of anxiety, chest pains, and obsessive-compulsive behavior followed by various forms of escape (shopping, consuming, drinking, stress eating). This meditation initiated much self-awareness, acceptance, and forgiveness to myself. However, this is still a really good exercise for anyone:

Sit upright, legs crossed, in a dim room, one candle burning in front of you. Relax the eyes, concentrate on your breathing (which should be a relaxed yet deep breath), and focus your relaxed eyes on the flame of the candle (some people find that closing the eyes works best for the visualization).

As you are breathing, allow yourself to be fully present in your body, become aware of any aches or pains that you are feeling. Now allow yourself to feel your heart beating, visualize the energy it is creating, the power it possesses, how it radiates. Feel it radiating outward and reaching the areas in your body that feel pain. Allow our self to visualize what it looks like, the energy moving into the areas that are in pain. Feel the love radiating from your heart back into your own body so that you fill yourself completely with this love energy. Love energy is the strongest of all energies and has the ability to heal anything you allow it to. Continue allowing the energy to radiate from your heart, back into you, healing you.

If you choose, this is the where the instructions end, just keep generating the love from your heart back into you as long as you like. When out of the meditation, you can revisit this feeling whenever you feel pain, sadness, etc. and bring back that nurturing love from within yourself and give it back to yourself.

If you want to go further in the meditation, then visualize the face of your loved ones and transfer that energy to them, see the glow flowing to and around them, see them smiling, and see yourself smiling. You can actually smile here if you want to! Okay now here is the healing part: see the face of someone that causes you pain. Allow yourself to share your loving energy with them. Allow it to heal the wounds between you. Picture this person smiling, as you allow yourself to smile, surrounded in your love energy, allowing it to heal. Do this as long as necessary.

In your days when someone wrongs you or upsets you, take a moment to change what you are feeling by sending them a little shot of this love. You are replacing the negative feeling you are manifesting in yourself with love. You can let the anger burn you or you can replace it with love. Either way, it is you that exists in this feeling because it's your reality and it is all you are capable of actually experiencing.

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